Issue 2 Excerpt – Interview with Heather Gold

Kate Kotler interviewed comedienne and Tummel-er Heather Gold for LPCH Issue 2. Here’s an excerpt =

Gold – […] I learned this stuff from making every mistake you can make. I went through a ten-year coming out process. On many levels. It took a long time for me to be okay with myself.

Bottom line is that you’re different. People need other people to be like them to be comfortable … sometimes. I think [it’s] challenging …emotionally being okay with someone who is not the same as you. And, I think that’s a parent-child dynamic, too. I’m hoping to become a parent, and we’ll see if this process works -knock, knock. Even if you’re not gay – the odds of you wanting stuff your parents don’t see or want for you – are pretty universal.

[But really], it was much harder to come out as an artist than a lesbian. For me to accept that about myself. Because it’s financially challenging and obviously I have an education and people were like “Why are you doing this? You could be doing that.” It’s not often you meet people who will be like it’s great that you’re doing [stand-up comedy].”

Catch the entire interview (and much, much more!) in Issue 2!

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