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Papercraft Softbox from DIY Photography

Do you peruse DIY Photography? If not, you are missing out. Udi Tirosh has sweet kernels of knowledge just waiting to be tasted. Ok, enough of the food weird. But, seriously, check it out. Here is a HowTo on making a Softbox.

Posted August 27th, 2010.

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Resurrection Fern

Resurrection Fern is one of my favorite sites. She takes lots of photos and wraps chosen rocks in little lacy jackets. It’s like taking a peak into her fanciful world.

Check out the HowTo on her blog.

Posted August 26th, 2010.

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Rearview Spy Glasses

When I was eight, this is definitely something I would have made. Actually, I might make it now. For my kids. Just kidding. For me. Check out the tutorial on Criminal Crafts.

Via Craftzine.com

Posted August 25th, 2010.

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How To – Photograph Food

If you are someone taking pictures of food, you need to read Food Photography & Food Styling Tips – Working the Plate on Culinary Travels.

Posted August 23rd, 2010.

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Summer Beer Pops!

Whaaaa? Summer’s almost over, but if you have some hot days left, please try this recipe for beer pops and tell me how they are.

Via Joe and Edible Crafts

Posted August 20th, 2010.

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Photo Tutorial

Learn how to take food photos with a bright, white, seamless background on Veggie Belly.

Via Edible Crafts

Posted August 20th, 2010.

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Helen Jane Entertains

Creating innovative ways to entertain is the way my friend Helen Jane rolls. Check out her article on Serious Eats How To How to Turn Office Supplies Into Dinner Party Accessories –

But I have a whole lunch hour on the day before that dinner party—and I have access to office supplies to make the guests at my dinner feel a little more special. Using common office supplies like staples, index cards, legal paper and name badges, you can make that dinner party place setting more personal. Guests appreciate these touches more than they’ll ever let on.

Posted August 19th, 2010.

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