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Creative Humans Staff

Leah Peterson has been known to drive people crazy with her project after project lifestyle. Leah is a writer and interviewer and an advocate for the mental health community. She co-founded and wrote a book about her personal experiences with mental illness.

Leah is a writing consultant on the Showtime series United States of Tara, starring Toni Collette, written by Diablo Cody and produced by Steven Spielberg. When not writing, taking photos, painting, crafting or watching terrible reality TV shows, you can find her by the trash trying to pick all the cat hairs off her sweater. Leah will steal your comfy slippers, beat you at Guitar Hero and tell you you’re pretty.

Jodi describes herself as an Uber-Dabbler, getting her hands in all things Creative. She has a growing Portfolio of Graphic Design, Photography, and Digital Art.

Jodi is also a veteran of the salon industry and shares her passion for helping others look and feel their best on her blog, Go Inspire Beauty. She believes her creative gifts are God-given and desires to inspire others to seek beauty and then share it.

Kate Kotler is a loudmouthed, geeky freelance journalist and marketing hack-for-hire with a deep abiding love for her Mom, Doctor Who and knitting.

Kate is the founder/editor-in-chief of Geek Girl on the Street, a web publication dedicated to geeky storytelling and adventure. She also writes the Women to Watch column for BitchBuzz and the DIY Diva column for Brokeass Stuart’s Goddamn Website. Her work has also appeared in Fray: A Quarterly of True Stories and She lives in Oakland, CA with her “platonic life partners” Tasha and Teresa and her dog, Max.

Thomas Cunningham is a writer/filmmaker and photographer / digital artist from NYC currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. He has two feature scripts (“Inertia” & “Ava Jane”) in development and is in production on a short film that he wrote, “Johnny Smiles”. Despite this, he’s still not on IMDB and still has to work a day job.

Tom totally loves you and asks that you kindly give him buckets of cash in exchange for his writing -or just send Scotch. You can visit his website: and find him on several social networking sites.

Bethany Hiitola is addicted to caffeine, chocolate, and books. She’s a working writer. And by working, we mean she’s a technical/marketing writer by career, wife to a 36-year-old husband, mother of two (7-year-old son and almost 3-year-old girl), and caretaker of pets (a dog, two cats, rotating fish).

Bethany wishes she could be writing what she loves most of the time, but instead does that after midnight. She lives in the way far north suburbs of Chicago with her family and spends most of the time day dreaming about how she’d love to be a runner and independently wealthy.

David Wescott lives in Durham, NC with his wife, son, and chocolate Labrador retriever. He works for a Washington DC-based public affairs firm. He is the author of It’s Not a Lecture and he contributes to Earth & Industry and Business Lexington. He is a proud member of Red Sox Nation.

Jennifer Simpson is a student in the MFA/Creative Writing Program at the University of New Mexico writing “very creative mostly non-fiction,” a trend that goes back to her first publication, the mostly true story of “How to Make Poi,” published by Mrs. Tanaka’s 2nd Grade class at Alvah A. Scott Elementary school in Aiea, Hawaii.

After a long hiatus from writing (fourth grade through college, and beyond) she began writing again and successfully published in community newspapers and trade magazines. Her first short story (fiction) was published in Bartleby Snopes January 2010 edition.

Jennifer sporadically maintains a personal blog at Jenn, aka JeSais and co-hosts Duke City DimeStories, a monthly open mic for prose– no poetry allowed!

Pinguino is a caffeinated raver penguin who travels around the world on crazy adventures. She’s a vector ninja, a pop culture photographer, and occasionally makes indy comic books.

Ping works with a variety of companies, including NBC Universal, Comic Book Resources, Anime News Network, Tentacle Grape, and deviantART. She also has a master black belt in Tang Soo Do, and is obsessed with internet memes and technology.

Silvi Alcivar says – my poems emerge from the dark of you meeting i, where something more than light makes life–secret wishes taking shape as poems; friends connecting 3000 miles; lovers giving each other keys to rooms they could not open; rain smells; swallows; squirrels; chickens; yes; no; o; oh!; and smitty and betty writing their first poems, in a nursing home. this is where magic lives, where poet turns teacher, and old people turn friends. this, like tea-lit pumpkins and thousands of fireflies floating stars over a field at night, and punctuation changing so many things, is the stuff of my life.

DW is a 30-something interior designer, living and working on Canada’s east coast. She owns a house in the woods with her husband, where she spends her weekends making as big a mess as possible. No project is too big and no challenge too daunting. All right, some projects are too big and that thing about the challenges isn’t always true either, but she does know how to make a fantastic mess.

DW gardens, sews, knits, quilts, builds things, cooks, and generally likes to get her hands dirty. She hates wearing make-up, but she put some on for her bio picture, just for you. You’re welcome.

Like most cartoonists, Phil Machi grew up on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons (a diet he’s managed to keep to this very day). For 11 years, he wrote/illustrated “Livestock”, a comic strip about farm animals in the rural mid-west dealing with, well, each other. The strip is on hiatus during his latest endeavor “Retail Sunshine” which follows a group of well-intentioned employees of an electronics store and the crazy customers who color their lives. Phil bases his work on the commonalities of the human condition and finds humor in the epic struggle of existence vs. someone eles’s less-than-cool existence. He has his Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts from BGSU and lives in the cow-covered state of Ohio.