Annual Craft Show in Washington, DC

The annual craft show is coming up November 19, 20, 21, 2010 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

From their website:

A premier event of contemporary craft in America, the Washington Craft Show is recognized for presenting masterful work, beautifully displayed. Each piece is one-of-a-kind or limited edition in a range of prices, each designed and made in artists’ studios across America.

At the Washington Craft Show, you’ll find 190 of the nation’s top craft artists, and 190 new ways to consider objects for daily or special use, home décor, or what-to-wear—from hard-edged metals, silken ceramics and lustrous woods to shimmering scarves, witty jewels, and ultra craft couture.

Looks like they also have one in Westchester in October and one in Palm Beach next March.

Hey Folks

So, here’s the thing. No, we don’t have Issue 2 done but YES we have a new insurgence of people working on it! Yay!

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be highlighting and welcoming people to the CH Family. And if you have a desire to be a regular contributor on the CH blog and are serious about being committed, send me some info about you and what you would write about. leahATleahpeahDOTcom.


Game Developers Conference, Call for Submissions

GDC 2011 Call for Submissions

The call for submissions for the 25th Game Developers Conference is now available through August 25. The GDC Advisory Board is seeking submissions that address pressing topics in the areas of Audio, Business & Management, Game Design, Production, Programming, and Visual Arts.

Learn more about the submissions process for GDC 2011 now.

Slight Delay

Hello! We’re working on Issue 2 and can I just tell you it looks AWESOME. You people? Rock with your creative selves.

Originally, we were hoping to have the issue out by June 14th. Then real life got in the way. You know, JOBS and BILLS and DEADLINES and REALITY TV. (Just kidding on that last one.) (Probably kidding.)

We’re hoping to have the issue done by the first part of July, barring all emergencies and natural disasters. Thanks for your patience and support!!!

National Craft Month 2010 Giveaway!

UPDATE AGAIN! – Laura, you have to June 10 to send me your mailing info. Otherwise, I’ll need to go with a new winner. leah AT leahpeah DOT com

UPDATE – Congratulations to commenter #7 Laura! Please contact me so I can send you your prize. : ) leah AT leahpeah DOT com

UPDATE – Comments are closed! Thanks, everyone! Winner will be announced tomorrow.

In honor of National Craft Month, we’ve got a fantastic craft supplies package to give away.

This gift package is from CanvasCorp. They have included awesome stuff including home-planning layouts and scrapbooking packages.

Do you SEE the TWEE clothespins?! And look at these pushpins!

Alright. Enough of my gushing. (TWEEEEEEE!)

If you want to take these sweet puppies home, leave a comment telling us one of your super secrets. They better be good, baby. And the winner will be picked Monday at noon by a random robot dude.

Lots of thanks to the Toolulu gals who made this giveaway possible. I met them at Mom 2.0 Summit and they rock! Check out CraftyCon coming this October. I’m going.