Issue 2 Deadline

Hey Friends! Issue 1 is out the gate and can be purchased here at Magcloud.

Issue 2 is coming up and we’re looking for submissions! The deadline is May 15th. We don’t have a specific theme because we really want people to submit what they are loving at the moment. I can tell you that some areas we are looking for include –

– Step-by-step or How-Tos in an unusual area i.e. how to pick the perfect flower
– A Day with (someone)
– Intimate Time with My city/neighborhood/house/kitchen etc.

But, go with whatever you’re loving right now! Your excitement and passion are what make a great story.

Send Us to SXSW!

You guys! I’m so in love with this magazine. I had no idea that spending every free moment for 3 weeks straight working on page layouts would make me so happy. Promoting the collective Creativity of the world makes my finger tips tingle and my heart beat faster.

I’m feeling a huge pull to take the first issue to SXSW and spread the word about LPCH. The people included in this first issue span from first time writers to well-seasoned writers, wonderful photographers and even how to make zombie make-up. I KNOW.

Printing copies and getting to SXSW is pretty expensive. I so appreciate any donation you can make. And if you can’t make a dollar amount donation, just think good thoughts for me. Thanks!! Funds can be sent via Paypal to

I’m partnering with my friend, the awesome Kate Kotler, who is promoting her new baby project, Geek Girl on the Street. Together we hope to be be power-house women full of creativity and attracting all kinds of positive energy, recycling it and sending it back out. We’ll be rooming together and doing other things to save us both expenses.


Hello, Friends!

I’m so happy to invite you to our new adventure, Creative Humans Magazine. We’ve been busybees behind the scenes collecting fun, beautiful, well written content that we think you’ll love.

The first issue will be out March 8th and we couldn’t be MORE EXCITED. Inside is something for everyone including short stories, beautiful photography, how-tos, patterns, illustrations and more. Pretty much, if it’s creative, we’ve tried to round it up and include it.

We’d love to know what you think about the website and magazine, so leave a comment! You can submit for Issue 2 here!

We decided to not add a ‘Home’ or ‘Blog’ button in the design because you can always just click the header to get back here, but behind the scenes we’re torn and debating. We’d love to know what you think.