You want to tell a story but you’re unsure what to write? Here are some ideas to get you started. Make sure when you take them, you make them your own. Or better yet, let it inspire a totally new story we haven’t thought of.

How to pick a flower. How do you find the right one? What are you looking for? How do you know where to cut? Where do you put it afterwords? Take some photos and tell us.

How to use a computer language. Why did you select it over something else? What are you making with it? What are some examples of what it looks like? Take some screen shots, make them into a .PDF and send them to us along with your explanation.

How to make the best salsa ever. Why do you think so? What are the ingredients? Where did you get the recipe? Show us step by step with beautiful photos.

Spend a day with someone (or yourself!), take photos and write down your thoughts as you go along.

– Take yourself (or someone else!) on a photo shoot and try something you haven’t tried before. Or something you do very well.

– Write about how the creative process works for you.

– Give us a glimpse into where you work.

Write a poem, prose, haiku, essay, short story, journal entry, self-help.

– Share a secret.

– Make an/some illustration(s).

– Show your artwork.

Interview yourself or someone else about anything.

– Make a pattern to give away.

– Show how you make something.

– Give us a recipe with some food photos.

– Show how you make great food photos.

– Write a love/admiration letter to someone and share it with the world.

Find shapes of animals or anything else in the clouds and shoot photos.

– Include a story about the clouds.

– Tell us why you collect matchbox cars even though you’re 40.

Create a crossword puzzle or other game.

– Identify anything you do that you love and tell us why you do it.